ANKOM FLEX Analyte Extractor

Breakthrough Vitamin Analysis – Automated Saponification to Isolation
The ANKOMFLEX Analyte Extractor’s innovative design and automated technology supports multiple analyses configurations and preparation: fat-soluble vitamins and cholesterol, and total fat and crude fat determinations. For both analyses the FLEX automatically digests, extracts, and evaporates multiple samples at one time, in about two to three hours in one instrument, eliminating technician involvement. Isolated analytes can subsequently be quantified gravimetrically (total fat, crude fat) or chromatographically (LC-DAD/FLD, LC-MS-MS, or GD-FID; Vitamin A, E, D, cholesterol, and fatty acid profiling).


  • Automates and simplifies fat-soluble vitamin and cholesterol, or crude and total fat analyses
  • Ability to adjust method parameters
  • Ability to create custom methods
  • Eliminates chemical handling to improve safety
  • Eliminates bi-phase extractions
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Reduced per Assay Costs
  • Full record keeping
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