Any Tipes of machines that used in the Manufacture industry

The Automotive Industry is one of the several branches of industry which in its operations uses more assistance from machinery, manufacturing equipment and of course the workforce to process raw materials into finished goods that have a sale value so they can be marketed. 

Manufacturing actually can vary in the form of handicraft industries or high-tech products. Of course automotive companies will not be able to produce goods that have a sale value if they do not use manufacturing tools in the manufacturing process. Then, what are the tools used for the manufacturing industry process? Let’s find out

1. Lathe

Lathe is a machine tool that is generally used for cutting rotating objects, making holes, etc. Turning / eating is done by turning the workpiece and then applying it to the chisel so that the cutting occurs. Lathes consist of various sizes, shapes and capacities of machines.

2. Milling Machine

machine tool milling tool

Milling machine is a machine tool that has many functions including leveling surfaces, drilling, making grooves, making elbows, etc. This is due to the milling machine having many types of knives / cutter according to the object being worked on. Generally milling machines consist of Horizontal, Vertical and Universal faris machines and each type of machine has its type again.

3. Shearing Machine

machine tool foot shearing

Shearing machine is a machine tool used to flatten a surface, making grooves by cutting a knife / chisel blade on the workpiece surface. The work process is to tie the workpiece to the clamping plate then the knife will move back and forth to slice the workpiece.

4. Drilling machine

drilling machine tool

   Drilling machine is a machine tool that functions to make a hole and enlarge the hole. Common drilling machines consist of table drilling machines, floor drills, radial drills, coordinate drills and hand drills.

5. CNC

  Computer Numeral Control (CNC) is a machine tool with an automation system that is operated using a computer program that has been stored on a storage media (computer)

6. Grinding Machine

Grinding machine is a machine tool that is generally used for leveling, sharpening (knife / drill bit, chisel etc.) sharpening and cutting workpieces. Grinding machines generally consist of various types and sizes including cutting, hand grinding, chisel grinding etc.

7. Sawing Machine

Sawing machine is a machine tool used for cutting workpieces, generally the workpieces that are cut are large enough workpieces that require a large amount of power. Saw machines consist of various types and sizes depending on needs.

8. Cutting Machine

   Cutting machine is a machine tool used to cut steel plates. Generally plates that can be cut are plates with a thickness of 1-5mm but large cutting machines are able to cut 1-20mm plates or more depending on the size of the machine and its capabilities.

9. Folding Machine

Folding machine is a machine tool used to fold (bend) steel plates with certain angles. This machine actually only uses human power to fold the steel plates by pulling the levers (handles).

10.    Press Machine

 Press machine is a machine tool that serves for pressing (pressing) the plate, bearing, uneven AS to be flat. Press machines are also used to tamp a stack. Press machines consist of various types and sizes depending on what material will be press.

 11. Welding machines

  Welding machines are widely used in workshops especially welding workshops, welding machines are generally used to connect metals, cut metal etc. Welding machines consist of various types including electric welding, carbide welding, astelin welding, spot welding, cutting welding etc.

That’s a variety of auxiliary machines that are usually used in the manufacturing industry, if you need a variety of manufacturing machines, please visit us on the website

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