Autoclaves SJ-FW


SJ-FW series shows how we make difference among many steam sterilizers. SJ-FW can efficiently locate in various sizes of laboratories. The well-arranged design and fully automatic system must bring more space and save time.




  • Fully Automatic Process

    • Water Supply > Heating > Exhaust Residual Air > Sterilization > Steam Vent > Complete

  • Efficient Design

    • The front focused controller allows the compact size and the efficient space arrangement

  • Long Term Use

    • The heart of the autoclave (chamber& heater) is well protected and prepared for low maintenance (CE PED / Automatic Water Supply / Stainless Steel 304)

  • P.I.D Control & Auto-Tuning

    • Precise temperature control by P.I.D and smart work efficiency with auto-tuning function

  • Safety Device

    • Over-temp Prevention

    • Over-pressure Prevention

    • Manual Steam Valve

    • Steam Cooling Discharge Method

    • Circuit Breaker

    • Water Level Sensor

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