Home About Products Articles Contact Electrode Signal Amplifiers Amplify ISE, pH or Redox electrode mV signals to allow longer cables between electrode and computer interface or data-acquisition system – up to 50m.   Three types: TRA-IS1-B, For one electrode, either as combination or with a separate reference electrode. Battery-powered – particularly for field use.  LAB-EA4-C.… Continue reading Amplifiers

Signal Transmitters

Home About Products Articles Contact Signal Transmitters Convert Ion Selective or pH electrode output mV signalsinto 4 – 20 mA format. Allows connection to a variety of Data-Acquisition devices (eg dataloggers, PLC etc) instead of a PC. Signals can be used to activate alarms or process-control equipment. Allows data transmission over longer distances – up… Continue reading Signal Transmitters

‘Multisens’ Measuring System

Home About Products Articles Contact ‘Multisens’ Measuring System Overview These Modular, Multi-function, Multi-channel, Multi-site systems are designed for batch monitoring of a variety of environmental parameters in laboratory or industrial applications where there is a need for automatic simultaneous measurement and recording of data from a number of sites. They enable the connection of any… Continue reading ‘Multisens’ Measuring System

Multi-channel pH/ORP monitor

Home About Products Articles Contact Multi-channel pH/ORP monitor Practical, compact, cost-effective, bench-top design. Connects pH or ORP electrodes directly to any lap-top or desk-top PC (BNC sockets). Versions available for up to 6, 12, 18 or 24 electrodes. Each channel includes 2mm jack plug socket for separate reference electrode if required. Enables automatic, simultaneous, continuous… Continue reading Multi-channel pH/ORP monitor

Aqualyser Systems

Home About Products Articles Contact Aqualyser Systems ELIT Aqualysers: Water Quality Measuring Systems These electrochemical analysers measure important parameters of natural waters and aqueous solutions. Currently available are: Ion Concentration, pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, and Conductivity. They are connected to PCs with MS Windows operating systems via RS232 or USB Serial Data Transmission. Aqualysers… Continue reading Aqualyser Systems

4 & 8 Channel Ion Analysers

Home About Products Articles Contact 4 & 8 Channel Ion Analysers Enable automatic, continuous, simultaneous, monitoring of up to 8 Ion-Selective, pH, and/or Redox electrodes (in any combination) and up to 4 Temperature sensors, by direct connection to any Desk-top or Lap-top computer with Windows Operating System. Up to 100,000 data points can be recorded.… Continue reading 4 & 8 Channel Ion Analysers

ISE/pH Ion Analyser

Home About Products Articles Contact ISE/pH Ion Analyser The ISE/pH Ion Analyzer can be used with any Ion Selective Electrode, and can be quickly and easily swapped between different ISEs. In addition to the ISE input, the unit also includes a separate dedicated channel to permit simultaneous measurement of pH in the same solution as… Continue reading ISE/pH Ion Analyser

Ion-Selective Electrodes

Home About Products Articles Contact Ion-Selective Electrodes The main advantages of Ion Selective Electrodes are: Inexpensive and simple to use, in the field as well as the laboratory. Wide concentration range – typically from less than one to several thousand parts per million. Unaffected by sample colour or turbidity. Ideal for monitoring environmental pollution or… Continue reading Ion-Selective Electrodes

ELIT Monitor/Meter Systems

Home About Products Articles Contact ELIT Monitor/Meter Systems 2/4-Channel Monitor/Meter for pH, Ion, ORP and Temperature   Description Continuous, Real-time Monitoring and Sample Measurement of pH, Ions, ORP, Temperature Instant data display in Meter and Table mode Cutting edge technology and compact design delivers the most cost-effective solution to meet the demands of modern laboratories… Continue reading ELIT Monitor/Meter Systems

ELIT Flow-through Systems

Home About Products Articles Contact ELIT Flow-through Systems Using ELIT robust modular Flow-through Cell and multi-parameter Monitoring System   Applications Hydrogeology – Groundwater Environmental – Surface water Mining – Mineral Exploration Aquaculture – Fish Farming Control of biological Filtration and Recirculation Pollution Control – Monitoring of Wastewater Outlets Industrial Process Control   Easy Installation Benchtop… Continue reading ELIT Flow-through Systems

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