Fast Egg Shell Tester to measure the egg shell breaking strength. 


The stability of the eggshell is one of the most important parameters for egg quality. 


With our breaking strength measuring device, the breaking strength of eggs can be determined easily and quickly. The FEST device has a very robust metal housing and can be operated quickly and easily with two buttons. 


The breaking strength of the eggshell can be displayed either in Newton or gram.


A measurement takes only approx. 2-3 sec. and means a very small expenditure of time. The display is illuminated and easy to read. The FEST device optionally can be connected to components such as a PC incl. software or a printer for data acquisition. For mobile use, e.g. for field staff of feed manufacturers, there is an optional battery module for wireless operation as well as a Bluetooth function with an app for data collection in an Android device such as a tablet or smartphone. 


The data can then be sent via WhatsApp or sent by e-mail.  

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