ELIT Monitor/Meter Systems

2/4-Channel Monitor/Meter for pH, Ion, ORP and Temperature



  • Continuous, Real-time Monitoring and Sample Measurement of pH, Ions, ORP, Temperature
  • Instant data display in Meter and Table mode
  • Cutting edge technology and compact design delivers the most cost-effective solution to meet the demands of modern laboratories
  • Meter-Monitor-Computer, the innovative 3 in 1 solution for digital age measurements
  • Sensor electrodes are connected to a Windowsbased PC (laptop or desktop) via USB port
  • Compatible with all standard pH, Ion, ORP electrodes and temperature sensors



  • The included software provides the routines for calibration, measurement, data display and storage. It is fully compatible with MS Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, 8, 8.1
  • Single electrodes can be calibrated individually and same-type electrodes can be calibrated simultaneously
  • Measuring data can be recorded automatically or manually
  • Wide range of data acquisition frequency
  • The data are stored in text form and can be viewed, edited or exported to Excel or any other Software for in depth study
  • Simple and transparent communication protocols enable the customer to process and analyze the measurement data further, by using software such as LabView, Daisy Lab, or writing own software by C++ , Visual Basic etc.
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