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Gonotec Osmomat 3000

The Gonotec® Single-Sample Freezing Point Osmometer is especially designed for routine measurements in the medical field and is also

Gonotec Osmomat 3000 Basic

The Osmomat 3000 Basic is the basic version of the OSMOMAT 3000. It determines the total osmomality in aqueous

Gonotec Chloridmeter CM20

To meet the current and future need for chloride determination, a cutting-edge digital instrument has been developed by GONOTEC:

Gonotec Osmomat 090

The Osmomat 090 enables the measurement of the average molecular weight (Mn) of polymers that are soluble in aqueous

Gonotec Osmomat 070

The Osmomat 070 is suitable for the determination of the average molecular weight (Mn) of polymers which are soluble

Gonotec Osmomat 010

The Osmomat 010 is a universal cryoscopic osmometer for the determination of molar masses in benzene solution and of

Gonotec Osmomat 050

The Osmomat 050 has been especially developed for use in intensive care units.

Gonotec Osmomat Auto

The design of the Osmomat auto is based on ten years of experience with the measuring principle of the

Gonotec Control Unit SA

The control unit SA is based on a modified PC and monitors the measuring cells by means of Software

Gonotec Control Unit B

The control unit B includes all control-, monitoring- and measuring functions required for determination of the molecular weight.

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