ISE/pH Ion Analyser

The ISE/pH Ion Analyzer can be used with any Ion Selective Electrode, and can be quickly and easily swapped between different ISEs. In addition to the ISE input, the unit also includes a separate dedicated channel to permit simultaneous measurement of pH in the same solution as the ISE measurement. Both channels can be used for monitoring two pH or Redox electrodes simultaneously, with graphical and tabular display. In addition, two temperature sensors can be connected and continuously monitored.


ELIT Electrochemical Software:

  • Guides the user reliably through the measurements.
  • Monitors all sensor signals simultaneously and continuously.
  • Allows the operator to input the number of readings used in calculating a moving average, in order to reduce data noise.
  • Simplifies Standard Addition & Sample Addition techniques
    e.g: calculates appropriate concentrations and volumes, and assesses quality of measurements (not available on 4 or 8 Channel versions).
    Click Here for a detailed description of these methods
  • Records the measured calibration and sample data automatically.
  • Displays the measured data in graphs and tables.
  • Allows immediate printing of graphs and tables.
  • Allows the export of data to standard software packages.
  • Eliminates any possibility of operator error in data transfer.
  • Records all analytical details: i.e. date, time, temperature, electrode types,
    electrode serial numbers, sample numbers, name of operator.
  • Increases the efficiency of producing written reports.
  • Supports Good Laboratory Practice effectively.
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