Multi-channel pH/ORP monitor

  • Practical, compact, cost-effective, bench-top design.
  • Connects pH or ORP electrodes directly to any lap-top or desk-top PC (BNC sockets).
  • Versions available for up to 6, 12, 18 or 24 electrodes.
  • Each channel includes 2mm jack plug socket for separate reference electrode if required.
  • Enables automatic, simultaneous, continuous monitoring of pH or ORP in different vessels.
  • Automatic data recording with real-time tabular display.
  • Operator-selectable sampling rate and monitoring time.
  • Data files can be read by other sofware such as MS Notepad or Excel
  • Simple connection to a serial port of the computer with a standard RS232 cable.
  • Optional adapter for USB port if required.
  • Separate power supply with mains adapter included.

Prices available on application to: [email protected]

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