'Multisens' Measuring System


These Modular, Multi-function, Multi-channel, Multi-site systems are designed for batch monitoring of a variety of environmental parameters in laboratory or industrial applications where there is a need for automatic simultaneous measurement and recording of data from a number of sites. They enable the connection of any number of sensors directly to a serial or USB port of one PC with Windows operating system and are currently suitable for pH, Temperature, Ion Selective Electrodes (for ion concentrations), Redox, Dissolved Oxygen and Bio-sensors. The basic software displays the measured electrode potential and temperature on screen and stores the results in a data file which can be exported to other software packages for data processing. Special software is available for particular electrode calibration, and on-line data processing and recording.



The modular construction is based on standard Euro-Card PCBs and gives maximum flexibility in tailoring the system for specific needs and for subsequent modification or upgrading. The smallest unit consists of one card with four sensor inputs, together with a processor card with microprocessor-control (‘firmware’) for channel selection, timing, sequencing, A/D conversion, filtering and communication to the PC. The basic housing is a 19″ wide Sub-Rack (half width and smaller versions are also available) which can be supplied for rack mounting or for free-standing, bench-top operation. It has a BUS structure so that Euro-Cards can easily be exchanged or added. Thus, in order to change the configuration, it is only necessary to slot in an appropriate card and change the microprocessor chip, containing the specific firmware, on the processor PCB.

Cards and chips are currently available for: pH, ISE, or Redox; Temperature; Dissolved Oxygen; and various Bio-sensors.

Power supply.
Input voltages 93 to 264 AC, Output 12 V DC. Various voltages for the analog and digital circuits are generated by DC/DC converters, giving better selectivity.

Isolated BNC connectors for sensors & snap-in connectors for Temperature probes

Control elements
LED display for ‘’power on’’, ‘’system initialisation ‘’ & ‘’measurements in progress ‘’

Depends on distance between Measuring System and computer.
RS-232 asynchronous serial port connection for cables up to 30 m,
RS-485 for 30 m to 1200 m.


The software is supplied on CDROM. The basic version displays the sensor signals in milli-volts and the temperature in °C on-screen and records these data, together with time and date of measurement, in an ASCII text file which can be opened by MS Excel or other software packages for off-line data processing.


Sample measurements are fully controllable by the operator who can select:

  • Sampling rate (from once every 100 milliseconds to once a day);
  • Signal averaging (each reported measurement is the average of a selected number of readings taken at 100 ms intervals);
  • Total duration of measuring cycle.

Special software modules are available for particular electrode calibration, and on-line data processing and recording.

Software PHTM16a.

  • Allows 2 or 3-point calibration of pH channels.
  • Calculates the pH value based on this calibration.
  • Allows Automatic Temperature Compensation to be enabled or disabled.
  • Displays Table of: mV, pH. Temperature, ATC on/off, Date, Time.

Software ISEM16a
Upgrade of PHTM16a for Calibrating Ion-Selective Electrodes and Monitoring Ions.

Software DOM16a
Upgrade of PHTM16a for Calibrating Dissolved Oxygen Sensors and Monitoring Dissolved Oxygen.


  • Fish farms & aquariums
  • Greenhouses
  • Food and beverage processing and production
  • Pharmaceutical processing and production
  • Pollution control
  • Process control
  • Chemical Laboratories
  • Industrial Laboratories
  • Environmental Measurements
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Research Projects
  • Reaction Vessel Monitoring
  • University Departments for:
        Chemical Engineering
        Bio Engineering
        Life Science
        Pharmaceutical Engineering
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