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Broering – Egg Yolk Colour Reader

Egg Yolk Color Reader
• The egg yolk color reader is traditionally expressed in “Roche values” of 1 to 15.
• The name “Roche” refers to the company Roche, which released the colour fan shown below a few years ago. Roche was acquired by DSM Nutrition Products
GmbH a few years ago.
• Our measurement devices work with a R-G-B-sensor which filtercurves work similarly to the human eye (3-area method). We calculate the L*a*b data out of the red, green and blue ratio and determine the Roche-value with it. Our software saves the L*a*b ratio and the Roche-value.

Additional information


The ANKOM2000 Fiber Analyzer has been subjected to rigorous testing over a broad range of sample types, and is used by ANKOM for the NFTA and AAFCO
check sample programs. The ANKOM2000 Fiber Analyzer provides increased automation to enhance laboratory operations and reduce labor costs. Automation eliminates chemical and hot water handling. The Instrument requires very little space.

Fibre test results can be determined for Acid Detergent Fiber, Neutral Detergent Fiber, and Crude Fiber for all feeds and forages. The ANKOM2000 is accurate and
precise when compared to conventional fibre methods. Most elements of technician variability are eliminated and there is no separate filtration step, so consistent results are achieved time after time.

Filter bags encapsulate sample which prevents error and allows filtration to occur passively. Filter bags also enable batch processing of up to 24 samples at a time.

Consider purchasing the optional chemical shelving system (A01) which supports and positions chemical cubetainers for seamless operation and flow. System requires a hot water connection for no less than 50°C for crude fiber analysis and 75°C for detergent fiber analysis. ANKOM can provide a low cost water heater, ask for details.

• Up to 24 samples prepared.
• Samples placed in bag suspender.
• Select Method / Press Start.
• Appropriate solutions added automatically.
• All rinses done automatically.
• When process completed, samples are dried, weighed, and results calculated.


Multiple Applications
• Acid detergent fiber
• Neutral detergent fiber
• Crude fiber
Fully Automated
• Eliminates chemical and hot water handling
• Limited technician involvement
• Major labor savings
Simple Operation
• Sets up in minutes
• No advanced training required
• Free up technicians for other tasks
Filter Bag Technology
• Eliminates error and increases precision
• Enables 24 sample batch processing, increasing throughput
• Filtration occurs automatically
Closed System
• No technician monitoring required
• Increases safety
• Eliminates chemical handling during operation
Small Footprint
• Conserves valuable counter/lab space


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