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Gonotec Osmomat 010

The Osmomat 010 is a universal cryoscopic osmometer for the determination of molar masses in benzene solution and of the total osmolality in aqueous solutions.
It is based on the well accepted measuring system of the Osmomat 030, which has been used for many years.
The Osmomat 010 is suitable for measuring freezing points of solvents of aqueous and organic solutions which have a freezing point between +10 and -5°C.
The instrument is especially useful for rapid quality control measurements in industrial facilities as well as for research in scientific laboratories.

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• Automatic calibration by switch
• No ice formation in the lower cooling system: reliable measurements even for long working periods
• Measuring time approximately 1 min: valuable in case of serial measurements
• Measurements and determination microprocessor controlled
• Minimum sample volume: 50uL
• Disposable plastic measuring vessels save time and costs
• Automatic error detection and display
• Optional measurement documentation by integrated matrix printer: date, time, sample number and measuring result are printed


– Sample volume
50 uL – 30 uL
– Duration of measurement
approximately 1 minute
– Reproducibility (50ul)
≤+2 digit [… 400] mOsmol/kg H20
≤ +0.5% [400. 1500] mOsmol/kg H20
≤+1.0% [1500. 3000] mOsmol/kg H20
– Display
4,5 digits
– Measuring range
up to approximately 3000 mOsmol / kg in benzene, approximately 4000 to 5000 Dalton
– Resolution
1 mOsmol / kg over the entire measuring range in benzene,
approximately 3 digits / mMol/kg
– Crystallisation
by means of automatic injection of ice crystals into the solution
– Cooling
by means of two separate peltier cooling systems with heat dissipation by air
– Ambient temperature
10°C up to 35°C
– Integrated printer
alphanumeric dot matrix printer for automatic printina of results date, time and 4-digit-sample number
– Analog output
through standardized 5-pin socket, output voltage 1mV/digit for continuous recording of the temperature by potentiometer recorder.
– Rs data output
standardized interface RS-232C. Upon request our Osmoterm
software for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP is available.


Measurement: Freezing point osmometer

The total osmolality of aqueous solutions is determined by comparative measurements of the freezing points of pure water and of solutions. Whereas water has a freezing point of O °C, a solution with saline concentration of 1 Osmol/kg has a freezing point of -1.858 °C


Routine measurements in medical applications as well as measurements in industry and research.The Osmomat 010 determines mol masses in benzene solutions and the total osmolality of aqueous solutions. Small sample volumes and short measuring times allow extreme measuring requirements and serial
• Oil industry
• Electron microscopy
• Intensive care laboratories
• Invitro fertilization
• Hemodialysis/Hemofiltration
• Forensic medicine
• Polymer characterisation
• General medicine
• Paediatrics
• Urology
• Veterinary medicine
• Pharmacy
• Routine and research
• Clinical laboratories
• Gynaecology
• Nephrology
• Botany
• Dispensaries etc.


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