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Holmen Ligno-Tester

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Holmen Ligno-Tester

Ligno Tester is aimed specifically for wood pellet producers wishing to quickly cross-reference their test results against the IS017831-1:2015 standard.

Once a sample is manually weighed and loaded into the tester, the Fine Material Amount (F) cycles lasts 30 seconds and Mechanical Durability (DU) test cycle lasts 60
seconds. Fines and dust are removed during the DU test cycle, resulting in no further sieving being required.
Fitted with 3.15mm diameter Perforated Hopper.

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• Made in Britain by TEKPRO
• Suitable for wood pellets
• Portable
• Fast and simple operation
• Simulates pellets transportation environment from mill to boiler
• Provides the ability to calculate Mechanical Durability and Fine Material Amount


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