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Insectomat 5K Desktop

Almost all grain is at risk of pest infestation. It is important to recognise an infested batch of grain before it is added to a store, where it can contaminate large amounts of ‘clean’ grain.

The Insectomat has been developed to detect insects in large samples of cereal grains, helping combat insect infestation.

Traditional methods involve examining a small amount of grain in relation to the total quantity – making the chances of finding an insect very low. The 5K Insectomat can detect 1 insect in up to a 5KG sample.

*See also our Samplex range, which can be used for collecting representative samples from the transport vehicles to the Insectomat.

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• Made in Britain by TEKPRO
• 100% Insect detection rate
• Tests up to 10KG at one time
• Up to 180 times quicker than Berlese Funnel Method
• Better Health & Safety standards than manual sieving
• Fast and easy to use
• Can be used with wheat, barley and oats.


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