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Kebby Vertical Air Crimping Tools

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Kebby Bench Crimpers
The bench top vial capping machine was designed and built to provide a manual alternative to the hand crimper and decapper tools for larger runs. The Micro XL vial capping machine provides consistent crimping of crimp seals or caps to vials and bottles. Features include; Crimp setting collar allows the operator to make precise incremental adjustments as fine as 0.15mm (.006) to compensate for seal or septa thickness in order to achieve an exact seal or crimp. Settings can be kept track of
and quickly returned to when working with different applications. Keeping track of settings allows the operator to return to the exact setting adjustment for each size and type of seal. The levered cam design operation requires very little user effort, and the “comfort-grip” lever handle can be adjusted 360 degrees to accommodate the operator. Unit height and position are adjustable to accommodate a variety of vial and bottle sizes allowing the operator to work in a comfortable position. Unit is
manufactured using stainless steel, and plated parts providing excellent wear ability, and superior corrosion resistance. These parts are NC machined from solid stock to exact tolerances to achieve repeated results with dependable performance.A wide variety of interchangeable heads are available to choose from to crimp or decap
over 100 different sizes and styles of caps. It can also be used to crimp spray pump caps and has no problem crimping the tougher magnetic alloy caps. Heads are
quickly and easily changed without the use of tools since they simply screw in and out. CRIMPING AND DECRIMPING HEADS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.

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Kebby Vertical Air Crimping Tools
Light weight and easy to operate, Kebby Vertical Air Crimping Tools enable handheld semi-automatic crimping and decapping of vials and bottles with less effort.
Inter-changeable jaws allow for use with a variety of sizes and types of crimp seals including 8mm, 11mm, 13mm, 13mm flip-off, 20mm and 20mm flip-off. Pneumatic
operation provides fast and dependable performance. Lightweight, and evenly balanced Crimp pressure and intensity setting can be quickly and easily adjusted.
Crimping cycle time is adjustable between .75 seconds and 1,5 seconds, allowing faster completion of crimping job.Corrosion resistant finishes throughout. Tool is manufactured using stainless steel and hard coated corrosion resistant plating. CRIMPING AND DECRIMPING HEADS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.

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Finding the Correct Crimper/Decapper Size for Your Cap
To determine your cap's size, measure the inside diameter of the base of the cap as depicted in the diagrams below.
• 8mm
• 11mm
• 13mm
• 20mm


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