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Spark Detection – Pressure Increasing Systems

Water Pressure Increasing Systems

In order to achieve a reliable extinguishing, a sufficient quantity of water must be available for the operating time at a holding minimum pressure of 5 – 6 bar. To counteract the pressure problem in mills or silos, different water pressure increasing systems and water reservoirs are available, depending on the quantity of water required.

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Spark Detector DLD

Highly sensitive spark detector for detecting sparks, smouldering and hot
particles under daylight.
• optimal use in food and feed
• for product temperatures up to 60°C
• for direct installation in screw-in holder or welding holder with
connection unit and Ex cable gland
• for direct connection to spark detection control consoles CC50xx /
• detector can also be operated with extraneous light
• apploved for application in ATEX zone Ex 1l 1/2D
art. 5150004


– art. 5150059 Screw-in Bracket for Spark Detector DLD 1/8
– art. 5150009 Purge Air Support DLD 1/8 Ex Il1 D (weldable)
– art. 5150047 Weld-on Bracket EX II 1D for DLD 1/8
– art. 5150011 Control Lamp, integrated in FM 1/8 or DLD 1/8

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