Our measuring devices work with an RGB sensor whose filter curves correspond to the human eye (3-range method). From the red, green and blue components, we calculate the L*a*b* values, from which the Roche value is then calculated. In our software, both the L*a*b* values and the Roche values are stored. 


The name “Roche” refers to the company Roche, which published the colour fan shown here on the right a few years ago. Later Roche was taken over by DSM Nutrition Products GmbH. 


The colour of the egg yolk is traditionally indicated in “Roche values” from 1 to 15. For our Egg Quality 3.0 system, we offer a colour sensor that is integrated into the worktable. This enables a quick and clean determination of the yolk colour. For the measurement, the egg is broken on the worktable. If necessary, the albumen height is then measured. Then the yolk is positioned over the sensor and the measurement is triggered on the PC. The device has a USB port and can be connected directly to the PC.  

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